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Even though the brand name smacks of a multinational firm originating from the northern Pyrenees, RENY PICOT is actually an Asturian family business that has its main center of activity in the Anleo Valley. Since it was founded in March in 1960 until the present day, INDUSTRIAS LÁCTEAS ASTURIANAS S.A. (ILAS S.A.), owners of the brand name RENY PICOT, has increased and strengthened its presence in the domestic market, without renouncing its international growth, with presence in countries such as Mexico, United States, France, Portugal, China and Poland.

The name Reny Picot, chosen as the trade name for the products manufactured by ILAS, has been linked to the group since its beginnings. On its first day of production, ILAS used 125 liters of milk to manufacture a few Camembert type cheeses and when it came to naming the product, it was decided that it should have a French air about it so that it would "sound right". This was how the name RENY PICOT was chosen, which subsequently came to identify the group, although the parent company and legal representative is INDUSTRIAS LÁCTEAS ASTURIANAS.

Reny Picot's founder, Francisco Rodríguez, began his career in the fifties working in the family business, Mantequerías Rodríguez, S.A., in Madrid. This firm also owned a plant in El Escorial that was also absorbed by ILAS and which today constitutes a cornerstone of the group.

The group's activities were initially centered solely on the manufacture of different types of soft cheeses; subsequently, years later, it began to produce powdered milk, and little by little it began to incorporate the rest of the products that make up the extensive range that ILAS offers today (butter, cream, milk, desserts, all kinds of cheeses, dietary products, baby food products, sauces, milk solids separation, supplementary products for the pharmaceutical industry, etc.).

Right from its foundation and to the present day, ILAS has invested heavily in improving its manufacturing processes, seeking greater flexibility to adapt to changes in demand, optimize production resources and launch new product lines with high added value.

The company's production capacity, as well as its product diversification, provides it with great versatility to adapt production to the demand trends.

ILAS's growth and product diversification has been possible thanks to the incorporation of other companies in the group, in some cases through the purchase of existing firms, both in Spain and abroad, and on other occasions, through the creation of its own new manufacturing centers.

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